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Yes, you can get people to pay you, and in return you help them start up their own online businesses.

Use Facebook

Facebook has more than a billion users which means that if you start a business there you have the potential to make lots of money. Find a niche and then start by marketing to your own inner circle, who in turn will tell their friends and so on.

YouTube channels

These are quickly becoming a big money maker. The idea is to start a channel and attract followers; if you become big enough your channel will attract a lot of advertising from which you will make money.

Language translation

People are looking for translation services all the time so if you can learn an additional language or two you can make money.

Online tour guide

If you live in a small town that has the potential for tourism you can make money by selling tourist packages. All you need to do is design a website on which you will showcase good content about the tourist spot. Sell it through social media and soon you will have people booking trips through you. The potential to make money lies in collaboration with big tour companies and hotels.

Web based services

This is a niche that some may argue is saturated, but if you start a new business and angle it the right way it will grow and make you money. You will be providing services such as SEO, web design, content development, online marketing and so on. There are tons of new businesses that are created online every day and if you can sell your services to them you can make some good money. Make sure you deliver every time if you want to stay in business – it is a competitive niche and one bad job can cost you everything.

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